2017 Trends in Marketing and Web Design

Staying on top of marketing and internet trends is important for any small business. Some trends will ultimately prove to be long-lasting and influential. Others will prove to be fads. At any rate, the internet changes so quickly that it’s important to know what consumers think is important.

Native Advertising is Poised to Take Off

Native advertising is a concept that’s been around for years, but consumer ad blindness is causing some major brands to offer native ads. These paid ads are designed to be resemble the content where they’re placed. Native ads are somewhat sneaky, but they get consumers’ attention when standard ads are ignored.

Mobile Ad Blocking is Rapidly Growing in Popularity

Just as desktop ad blocking had a major impact on ad revenues, mobile ad blocking is now doing the same. 200 million more people than last year are now blocking ads on their mobiles. In-app ads or “advertorials” which are similar to native advertising will be used to get around the ad blockers.

Live Video Streaming Draws Viewers In

Social media users – which is just about everyone – demand fresh, in-the-moment content. Live video has been slowly growing in popularity for a few years, but major brands are making plans to utilize it.

Targeting Niche Markets is a Necessity

There are now over 1 billion websites, one website for every 7 people in the world. Millions of new businesses are competing for a piece of the pie. The most practical solution for many businesses is to target a more specific niche. Generate specific appeals to a narrower demographic with content approaching the personal level.

Content Marketing Will Need to Provide an Immersive Experience

Internet users want an interactive, immersive experience. They want to be part of the experience. Two technologies fueling this consumer craving are augmented reality (AR) which created the Pokemon smartphone craze and virtual reality (VR). Other methods for providing an immersive experience are 360 videos and live webinars and workshops. The key is to provide some level of interaction that makes people feel they belong to something bigger.

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