4 Tips for Bringing Multi-Generations to the Table at the Office

The changing face of executive employees today will find a diverse workforce that can be spread over two, or even three generations. Bringing them all together to work as a team might have challenges, but they can be overcome. Below are a few tips for bringing multi-generational executive employees together.


Recognizing the Face of the Modern Executive


Executive management success is largely dependent on the ability to cross the bridges of diversity that exist in the modern workplace. You will find executives of both gender, most ethnicity and ages in positions of power and authority. Each will have a different approach and offer a variable insight into team efforts. You have to be able to work with all types of people in order for this to be beneficial for any company.



Flexible Scheduling


Many younger generation executives enjoy spending some of their work day working off-site, or from a comfortable home office. Older executives tend to like the strict routine of being at the office 9 to 5 daily. This can make scheduling team meetings difficult, unless you incorporate a little monitoring and flexibility. Establish a few set hours each day in which everyone has to be working and available at any time. Meetings can be arranged within this time frame, but allowing for some flexibility for those working outside the confines of the office.



Mentoring and Reverse-Mentoring


It never hurts to bring the older and younger generations together for mentoring and reverse-mentoring. Place a younger new executive employee with a more seasoned veteran. Do the reverse and place a newly hired older executive with a younger, knowledgeable employee. It is a sure way to meld the team into one that works well together.



Value Every Employee Equally


Most employees will take cues from management as to how they should treat others on the team. Do your best to hold each employee in similar regard, with equal value. This sets the stage for an environment that fosters growth and team spirit. Each one will hold each other in similar regard to what you personally demonstrate.


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