Cleaning the House

With today’s busy schedules, many families struggle to find time to clean their homes.  This is why starting a cleaning business, is and always has been a lucrative source of income.  With all the busy households in need of cleaning, finding effective ways to advertise your services and find customers can leave you puzzled.  However, there are a few basic techniques that can be used to get your business off the ground and running without too much work.

Word of Mouth
Word of mouth is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of advertising there is.  Anytime a customer is so pleased with your work that they are willing to sing your praises, it always speaks volumes.  That customer that works in the factory using machines that utilize sputtering deposition to deposit thin films may be singing your praises because you get his work shirts so clean.  Even if you only have a couple of customers, if they are extremely satisfied with your work you will have more in due time.

Taking Things a Step Further
One of the best things you can do if you have existing satisfied customers is to offer referral discounts.  This is an extremely savvy way to get your customers to solicit new customers for you.  If you offer a 10-15 percent discount on their future services every time they bring you a new customer, you will see growth within your business fairly quickly.

Free Job Boards
Just about every community has some type of online job board where people in the community can solicit all kinds of different services.  Utilize this free form of advertising to increase your business.  However, don’t just make one post and forget about it.  Change it up every couple of weeks by offering different specials.  You are bound to get additional business by using this method.  Keep tabs on which forms of advertising were most successful and with who.  This information will be useful anytime you need to attract a specific kind of future customer.

With the number of working families continuing to grow,  a cleaning service is a job that will always be in demand.  If you are fortunate enough to start with a few customers, you can utilize them to help you grow your business by offering discounts on your services.  Word of mouth and free job boards are additional ways to get your business off the ground.  With just a little bit of effort, your cleaning business can easily get off the ground and start flying.