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4 Ways Your Brand Benefits from a Sound Experiential Marketing Campaign

Experiential marketing is about giving your target customer a great, tangible experience. When you give your consumers the opportunity to experience your brand directly, you not only increase product awareness but also create opportunities for longer-lasting relationships.

If planning a marketing campaign or event for your company, you must already understand the need for high levels of engagement with customers. And could there be a better way to boost social engagement than providing an exciting and interactive brand experience for your consumers? The following are four of the top reasons why your brand will benefit immensely from a creatively designed experiential marketing campaign:

Boosting product/brand awareness
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Boosting the awareness of a product or brand often is the priority of many marketing campaigns. A professional experiential agency will design a number of strategies to get people to notice your brand, such as giving away branded merchandise. If you wanted customers to directly test your product, you would for example set up a social vending machine, where customers can get free samples. The goal is to get customers talking and spreading awareness about your product through positive word of mouth.
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More memorable

Experiential marketing employs creativity to create memorable experiences for your target consumers. A good example is the ‘Jump with D Rose’ challenge by Adidas, where participants were given a chance to win a pair of trainers but jumping high to touch them. It turned out to be an exciting and memorable experience for those who took part. You can be sure that your brand will be remembered for some time to come if you engage your customers through a fun challenge. It is also likely that you’ll create an emotional connection with the consumer, which may result to brand loyalty and ultimately more sales in the long-term.

Learning experience

It’s a great learning experience for both you and your customer when you engage them in a live event. The consumer gets to interact with your product and ask questions directly. In that way, they get to know how your product works and also about your company and the values it stands for. As for your company, this represents a good opportunity to collect immediate feedback. This feedback helps you learn more about customer preferences, which is an essential part of product improvement.


Experiential strategies often lead to more sales (and thus better ROI) when compared to traditional marketing methods. This is because creatively designed campaigns can attract a lot of publicity. Thanks to the free media coverage there’s some social buzz and awareness around your product, without need to push it in customers’ faces.