How to Downsize in accordance with Income

Pay yourself first

It makes sense that it is easier to save if we have more money than when we have a little. Make it so that your salary is transferred directly to your bank account. So most of the money you earn goes straight into your savings. Set aside some before you pay other bills, for more information you can visit

Pay your credit card

It is difficult to think about saving money when you have credit card debt before you. Try to pay your debts first. When you have no debt, begin to distribute the amount you pay for a credit card debt into your savings.

Saving Rp 5000

Some of us have the cash on hand for the needs of small ones. When the cashier gives you change money Rp 5000, download and save it in a drawer. After a few months, take your deposit and enter into a savings account. You’ll be amazed how quickly your savings grow.

jar of coins

This is equivalent to Rp 5000. Every principle of saving your home from shopping, put all the coins change into a jar. When the jar is full, count and take it to the bank. Some banks provide coin counter machine.


Maybe after the death of your parents, you are on an inheritance. You can use the money to go sightseeing abroad. Do not rush. I’m sure you’re eligible for a vacation, but the money would be more helpful if you put all or part of the amount into your savings account. Maybe there will be a temptation to dissipate, but the faster you will reach your expectations if you put more money into your savings.

Use the budget system envelope

Envelope system is one of the easiest ways to start the budget. You simply take the whole of your income for that month and divide it into various categories such as food, fuel, entertainment, and clothing. Then enter into that envelope is determined respectively. When the money in the envelope runs out, you should not spend more for that category during the month. But if you save, your money may be left over. Rather than dissipate at the end of the month or rolling the same amount for the next month, consider the rest of the money put into your savings.

Here are some ideas to make sure your money remaining.

  •     As much as possible take advantage of deals or coupons.
  •     Look for items that are discounted.
  •     Bring food from home rather than snacks outside.
  •     Hold a frugal dinner once a week.


Skip dinner and an expensive watch and try the free entertainment. Cycling, renting movies to watch at home, going to the park, walking or hiking, visit the free museum, or watch a free concert in the grounds. Be creative.

Spend the food available in your home. Do you think you’re too busy. Try to cook your meals in advance and put in the fridge and reheat when they want to eat for your job easier.

You may be tempted to start saving until you obtain a better income. Do not wait! Start small and make it a habit now. You will be surprised how quickly the coins that add to your savings.