AP Business Ethic

Most companies have a mission statement, centered spherical qualities and values they swear to uphold. Utilitarianism argues that if a enterprise endorses Fair Trade, for instance, the motive behind doing it (which can be to boost reputation) is irrelevant, because the endorsement of Fair Trade itself results in extra happiness. Ebejer, J.M. & M.J. Morden, 1988, Paternalism within the Marketplace: Should a Salesman be his Buyer’s Keeper?”, Journal of Business Ethics, 7(5): ethics

In common, the European method to business ethics has placed more emphasis on economics and on social buildings, with less emphasis on the actions of firms as such, than the U. S. strategy does. Neither shareholder primacy nor stakeholder theory is plausibly interpreted because the view that corporate managers ought to do no matter is possible to maximize shareholder wealth and steadiness all stakeholders’ pursuits, ethics

In the West, after the autumn of Rome, Christianity held sway, …