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Charms: Charming Beginnings

The use of charms dates back thousands of years ago. Charms were used to ward off enemies, or as a status symbol among pre-historic man. It was crafted by using unique looking stones, or from bones of animal remains.

There are some periods in history where charms was generally used in the society. The Egyptians used charms as a means to ward off evil, and give status symbols to various objects. They had such strong belief in charms that they had faith that it would give them prosperity and enhance their fertility. Charms were also worn by the dead, believing that it will protect them in their journey in the afterlife, and that they will have a good life in heaven. In the Roman civilization, the soldiers believed that carrying a charm will provide them with good luck during their battles.

To be given access to their respective secret societies, Knights and Priests used charms to identify themselves. These charms were kept hidden, and was also shown to members so that they could identify each other. Not only did these charms served as an identification, but rather was made so as to serve as keys to their various secret passages. Families of the upper society had unique charm designs as a representation of their status in the society. There was a decline in the usage of charms during the Renaissance period, as many started to believe that charms were primitive.

This began when books were starting to be mass produced, and people started to get the idea that charms were nothing but superstitious belief. However, there were many people in lower societies that continued their belief in using charms. The Renaissance period became the “Dark Age of Charms”, however, in the early 20th Century when Queen Victoria started to wear a bracelet and carried it wherever she went, charms gradually regained popularity.

This has changed how people look at charms. It became a part of women’s accessories. It was transformed from a primitive superstitious belief into a fine piece of jewelry. Charms regained its popularity and found its way in the market where it was sold as jewelry. This trend kept on going, and today charms play an important role in modern fashion and also our life.

You will be seeing various charms designs in the market based on the Zodiac Signs, ancient symbols, and many more. People nowadays give charms to people that are special to them, especially during weddings, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays.

The influence of charms in our society will continue to evolve and affect our daily lives, as it has been long since pre-historic times.

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