These Tips Will Help You Plan The Perfect Trip to Matheran

If you are planning for a relaxed and peaceful tourist spot during a weekend or any vacation then the perfect place is Matheran which is near to Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra. Matheran is the only automobile-free hill station in the whole of Asia and is the smallest hill station in India has many things in store for the tourists. There are many exotic viewpoints in and around this small town, which are breathtaking and spending time here leaves great memories.

Exploring this place is the key to enjoyment and adventure lovers will love the experience of trekking to full extent. Plan your trip to cover all the points and in book online Matheran hotels prior to the visit. Exploring and adventure should be on the agenda to have the maximum fun with your friends or family to seek the beauty. Drench in the unexpected rains, soak in the moonlight, and let the clouds pass through you. Be ready to experience the unexpected in the most wonderful way.

How to reach?

The best season to visit Matheran is in monsoons, Matheran looks surreal in this season. But this time of the year the toy train stops running between Neral and Matheran. There are local trains every hour running to Neral, the same way there are many regular trains from Pune to Neral that makes this place easily accessible. From Neral one can take a taxi and reach Matheran which is just 8 kms away. Once the tool tax is paid, you enter into the eco-zone i.e. no vehicle zone.

Traveling in Matheran

Traveling in Matheran is to be done either by walking from one place to other or by taking a horse for rent. Walking might be slower but it is more fun if you’re in a fun loving group of people.

Places to stay in Matheran

The best way to decide a place to stay is through book online Matheran Hotels by going through the reviews over the internet. This is to avoid the weekend rush and get better stay options. There are many good resorts and hotels in this place. Anyone can have a good late night walk around the place for sheer delight.


Tourist attractions in Matheran

Spending couple of days in this small hill station gives the best option to soak in the beauty of this place. Most of the tourist attractions are within walkable distance, one can do whatever they wish to do in this place. One can walk into a jungle nearby or simply sit and look down into a green valley, or climb trees, go for a long walk or trek small hills around.

The viewpoints from the mountain peaks which are situated in and around Matheran give spectacular views of the surroundings and leaves everlasting memories in minds of the visitors.

Everywhere you see is green in Matheran, which lasts long in one’s mind. This makes the travelers mind and soul fresh, relaxed and rejuvenated. The memories of this holiday are carried forever as it is away from cities hustle bustle.

Waterfalls in Matheran

There are numerous water springs around the hills, carrying a swimming suit will be useful near these waterfalls and also in the swimming pool in the hotel or resort, one is staying. These waterfalls are very beautiful and great place of a picnic in Monsoons.

Coming back from Matheran

One can take a bus or train from Matheran back to Pune or Mumbai that are available frequently.

On a whole, a planned trip to Matheran with friends and family gives best memories to carry for the lifetime.